AutoStop Maxi Brake Meter (Tester)


The AutoStop Maxi® Brake Meter (tester) is an efficient diagnostic and compliance tool, designed to test service and emergency brakes in passenger cars, light and heavy goods vehicles, buses, light and heavy rail vehicles and transit vehicles.

  • Compliant with roadworthy regulations around Australia
  • Approved for AIS scheme in NSW
  • Compliant with AS3450/ISO3450 Australian Standard
  • Compliant with SANS 1589 brake testing
  • Compliant with SANS 10047 brake testing
  • Compliant with ECE R13 – Rule 13
  • Compliant with Federal Regulation FMVSS 135 and FMVSS 571 – USA
  • Compliant with Transport Canada – CMVSS 135
  • Calibration that is internationally traceable through NATA (accreditation #20559)
  • 24 month calibration interval
  • Calculates and displays average/peak deceleration, stopping distance test speed and pedal effort
  • Has a built in printer – a requirement for some jurisdictions​
  • Uses AutoTest Paper Roll Pack
  • Optional upgrade with Bluetooth or USB connection to your PC
  • Optional upgrade with GPS/Glonass receiver providing latitude and longitude of test position
  • Optional upgrade with backlit screen for better visibility

Scroll down to see AutoStop Maxi® Brake Meter instructional video.


Upgrade your AutoStop Maxi brake meter to include GPS!

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) QLD is updating a requirement for brake testing.

As of March 2022 it will be mandatory for Approved Examiners to keep a copy of the brake test results, including GPS location, time and date, when undertaking LV, HV and MC inspection types.

To make sure you are compliant, purchase our AutoStop Maxi® brake meter with the upgrade that includes GPS location. If you already have our standard AutoStop Maxi brake meter, you may be able to upgrade to have GPS!

Some of the older brake testers may not be able to, so call our friendly service team to see if yours can be upgraded. ​

Simply contact us for a quote, along with your serial number, and you can post your AutoStop Maxi to our head office in Kensington, Victoria.



The UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) has published a table of Brake Regulation Requirements for every country.


What is the Purpose of the Brake Test?

The purpose of the brake test is to see if a vehicle’s braking performance is consistent with your experience of other vehicles of a similar make and model. Most vehicles will achieve 0.6g (light vehicles) with the rear brakes inoperative, so you should look for a lower than average reading for that make or type of vehicle. Lower than expected readings indicate that something is wrong. It is important that the brake tester is seen as a diagnostic tool and not just a pass/fail gauge.

When the brake test is completed, you can print a copy of the test result showing the peak deceleration and attached to your test report.


Upgrade your AutoStop Maxi brake meter to show PASS/FAIL!

The AutoStop Maxi® Brake Meter (tester) does not show a “PASS” or “FAIL” as the regulations for a pass or fail are different in every state and territory. Check the regulations in your area to see how it effects your testing requirements.

Upgrade your Brake Meter to have PC connectivity and purchase NetBrake® software. Set the standard in your area, and it will show a “PASS” or “FAIL”. See the full capabilities of NetBrake® software, and additional inclusions.

Scroll down to see AutoStop Maxi® Brake Meter instructional video.


Upgrade to have a backlit screen!

You have the option to purchase your AutoStop Maxi® with a backlit screen, for better visibility. 


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