Download Calibration Credits

Download AutoStop Calibrator software v2.6 build 08

Your AutoTest Calibrator uses a credit system to pay for each Brake Meter calibration that you perform. The Calibrator can store a maximum of 20 credits, and the credits must be downloaded into your Calibrator from the AutoTest web server via the Internet. Before using the service, you must supply AutoTest Products Ltd. with your payment details (credit card etc.) and receive a login name and password.


  • One AutoTest Calibrator.
  • A PC connected to the internet.
  • Calibration Software version 2.1 build 02 or greater.
  • A login name and password to use the service.
  • Good understanding of Personal Computers, including the Windows 2000 or greater operating system.
  • Good understanding of the Internet.
  • Good understanding of basic instrumentation calibration principles.
  • Understanding of scientific principles.
  • Understanding of braking and brake test measurement.


  1. Connect the AutoTest Calibrator to a spare 9-pin serial port in the back of your computer, using the RS-232 9-pin serial cable supplied with your AutoTest Calibrator.
  2. Connect to the Internet on your PC, and run the Calibration Software.
  3. Next, select the COM Port number that corresponds to the PC COM Port to which you connected the cable. This is usually COM1 or COM2, depending on what other serial devices are connected to your computer.
    Calibration Credit-1
  4. On the menu bar, open “Credits”, then click on “Internet Calibration Credit Purchase…”.
    Calibration Credit-2
  5. In the Internet Calibration Credit Purchase window, click on the “Internet Connection…” button to configure your Internet connection settings. In most cases the “Directly connected to the Internet” option will work, but If your connection requires the use of a Proxy Server, select “Use a Proxy Server” and enter your proxy server and port number. Click OK to save configuration and continue.
    Calibration Credit-3
  6. You must enter the User name and Password supplied by AutoTest Products Ltd. A login name and password must be obtained before you can use the service.
    Calibration Credit-5
  7. Credit card information is also required. The specified card will be billed for the calibration credits.
    Calibration Credit-6
  8. Enter the number of Credits you wish to purchase and click the Purchase button. The maximum number of credits that your AutoTest Calibrator can store at any one time is 20. If you try to purchase more than 20 credits, you will be only charged for the 20 that are stored. If you purchase 20 credits, but there are still 5 credits stored in the Calibrator, for example, you will only be charged for the 15 that are added.
    Calibration Credit-7
  9. After clicking the Purchase button, your details will be verified against the AutoTest web server via the Internet. If the details you entered are incorrect, or you have an outstanding Calibrator Credit debt, you will be notified of the problem, and you will not be able to proceed past this point.
  10. You will be presented with a brief instruction window if your details were verified successfully. Switch on your AutoTest Calibrator, and select the menu option labelled “Transmit Credit”. You should see a display of the number of Credits left in the Calibrator, followed by the words “Handshaking with PC…”. Click OK on the PC to proceed with credit transfer.
    Calibration Credit-8
  11. The status panel on the Internet Calibration Credit Purchase window will tell you what is happening. If the transfer is successful, a new window will appear informing you of the number of credits transferred into the Calibrator. The number of credits you purchased is stored in our database, and your Credit Card will be processed shortly with the details you provided when you obtained a Login name and Password.If the process is successful, the Calibrator will now contain the number of credits you selected. You can verify this by selecting “Brake Meter Calibration” from the Calibrator menu and checking the display of credits remaining. You will not be able to purchase any more credits until the credit card transaction is processed and the database is updated.Remember that you must remain connected to the Internet throughout the transfer procedure. If you are disconnected during the process or if communication fails for some reason you will not be charged unless the credits were successfully transferred to your AutoTest Calibrator.

Download AutoStop Calibrator software v2.6 build 08