AutoTest® Workshop Roadworthy Kit


Combine the AutoTest® Maxi Brake Meter and AutoLightLight Transmission Meter with a headlight aimer to create your workshop roadworthy kit.

The AutoStop Maxi® Brake Meter is an efficient diagnostic and compliance tool, designed to test service and emergency brakes in passenger cars, light and heavy goods vehicles, buses, light and heavy rail vehicles and transit vehicles.

  • Compliant with roadworthy regulations around Australia
  • 24 month calibration interval
  • Calculates and displays average/peak deceleration, stopping distance test speed and pedal effort.
  • Optional GPS or Bluetooth or USB connection to your PC
  • Uses AutoTest Standard Paper Pack.

AutoStop Maxi brochure and downloads

AutoLight® is a Tint Tester that measures the level of light transmittance through a tinted window to determine its safety level.

  • Easy to use tint meter
  • Single button operation
  • Compliant with roadworthy regulations

AutoLight brochure and downloads

AutoTest® Headlight Align is a professional quality beam aligner suitable for all kinds of headlamps (high, low, fog including XENON and LED lamps). It is supplied with assembly, operation and calibration manuals and declaration of conformity.

  • Robust anti-tip base fitted with large castors for easy manoeuvring
  • Laser pointers for easy positioning of the unit
  • Digital lux meter and wide measuring window
  • Manual optic alignment visor for easy parallel alignment
  • Easy-to-use height adjustment lock mechanism

Autotest Headlight Align brochure and downloads

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Product Downloads

AutoTest Workshop Roadworthy Kit Brochure
AutoTest HeadLight Align Brochure
AutoStop Maxi User Manual
AutoStop Maxi Brochure
AutoLight User Manual
AutoLight Brochure